-about the DJ-

    Jason Beck got into punk, hardcore and metal in the '80s at a very early age. He used to save his lunch money and buy any 7"  record he could find that had more than 3 songs on it. A big early influence was the Funhouse Show, which came on KPFT and  played punk, hardcore, industrial, noise, and other forms ov offbeat and intense underground music. His first radio experiences were  on Funhouse, when he would come down and bring an odd record that they didn't have to play. He finally did his first show as DJ on  the second to the last Funhouse show (which is archived here if you want to hear Jason's very first full DJ shift, with all the mistakes  and goofiness intact) . He went on to do a one hour punk/ hardcore shift in the middle ov the then 5 hour long metal show Sweet  Nightmares (as well as bringing metal records to play). Sweet Nightmares went off the air in September ov 1999, and Jason went on to  host and co-host many other radio shows that played punk, hardcore, industrial, and metal such as Ejacula, Audio Friction, The  Dumpster, Dawnstarz, and From The Depths. But on May 2nd, 2005 (his birthday), his dream came true, and deadthyme did it's first  show. Loosely modeled on the Funhouse Show, but modernized, it's the show he wanted to do all along.
    Other stuff he's done: he was in the bands Cryptic Children, Morbid Scum, Spinal Remains, Goremay, and  Bloodfountain in the '80s and '90s, and is currently in the stenchcore band Tumorhead and punk band Kill Yr Coach. He published two issues ov the hardcore 'zine Hatefilled in the late '80s, and 9 issues ov the metal/ punk 'zine Godvomit in the early to mid  '90s. He also convinced MaximumRockNRoll to bring back demo reviews when they discontinued them in the early '90s, and did a demo  review column for them throughout most ov the '90s.
    Currently besides deadthyme he also does a general shift on KTRU that comes on from 11 AM to 1 PM Tuesdays, in which he  plays a lot ov punk and electronic music (KTRU has a playlist and less freedom than KPFT, so everything he plays isn't his, but it's  still better than 99% ov radio). He helps out as co-host and sometimes host on the death/ black/ thrash metal show From The Depths, which also comes on KTRU and is hosted by Wes, who he used to do Sweet Nightmares with. Occasionally  he'll help out (or guest host) the metal show Ejacula (which he used to co-host with Bill, who was also on Sweet Nightmares) or the industrial noise/ collage Genetic Memory Show (which was started by Chuck, who used to host Funhouse).