Artist  -  Song Title  -  Album Title
   Tara Vanflower
- Galactipus - A Cat-Shaped Hole In My Heart compilation
   Big Electric Cat - Twisting Man (Brain Pan mix) - Burning Embers
   Velcro Overdose - To You - Flesh Ripping Sonic Polka 7"ep
   Bad Acid Trip - Bad Acid Trip - Lynch the Weirdo
   Melvins + Lustmord - Pink Bat - Pigs of the Roman Empire
   Every Time I Die - Champing At the Bit - Gutter Phenomenon
   Lama - Jarjetonta - Lama
   Today Is The Day - Don't Tread On Hope - Kiss the Pig
   Reason Of Insanity - In the Key of Death - Reason of Insanity
   Rest In Pieces - Stark Raving Nude - My Rage
   Bad Eating Habits - Here's the Door - Bad Eating Habits/ Reason Of Insanity split 7"ep
   Meanwhile - Remaining Right: Silence - Remaining Right: Silence
   Catheter - Force Fed - Catheter/ Laughing Dog split
   Fuck... I'm Dead - Army of Hermaphrodites - Bring On the Dead
   Reproach - Overpelt Up In Flames - Is What It Is 7"ep
   Rosemary's Babies - What I Hate - Talking To the Dead
   Pressurehed - Shockneck - Sudden Vertigo
   Ohuzaru - Who Let the Snake Bite? - Ohuzaru 12"ep
   Robert Rich - Folded Space - Bestiary
   Hold Fast - Stick It Out - No Words Left 7"ep
   Dominion III - Unreal - Life Has Ended Here
   The Wall - Hobby For a Day - Punk and Disorderly compilation
   Massgrav - Napalm Over Stureplan - Napalm Over Stureplan
   Holier Than Thou - Super Ego - The Hating of the Guts
   Loraxx - Bulldog - Selfs
   Taste Of Fear - Hardware - Taste Of Fear/ Unholy Grave split 7"ep
   Allergic To Whores - Exit - Shadows In the Killing Field
   Between The Buried And Me - Shevanel Cut a Flip - Between the Buried and Me
   Swarm Of The Lotus - The Great Masquerade - The Sirens of Silence
   Black Army Jacket - Meow, Meow, Meow AKA Corpselos - 222
   Premonitions Of War - Written In - Premonitions Of War/ Benumb split
   A.M.Q.A. - Cats Are Neat - Cats Are Neat 7"ep
   The Casualties - Brainwashed - On the Front Line
   Ratos De Porao - Arranca Toco - Carniceria Tropical
   At The Drive-In - Mannequin Republic - Relationship Of Command
   Agathocles - Retardation - Agathocles/ Dios Hastio split
   Detention - Dead Rock N Rollers - Dead Rock N Rollers b/w El Salvador 7"
   At War With Shadows - Elusory - Healing Is Not An Option ep
   Pain Killer - Guts of a Virgin - Guts of a Virgin
   Give Up The Ghost - Crime Scene - We're Down Till We're Underground
   Executive Slacks - Say It Isn't So - Repressed
   Zoar - The Passing of a Plague - Cassandra
   Faith & The Muse - In Dreams of Mine - Vera Causa