Artist  -  Song Title  -  Album Title
   Henry Rollins
- 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - O Come All Ye Faithful compilation
   Laibach - Jesus Christ Superstar - Jesus Christ Superstars
   Ringworm - Ghosts of the Past - Justice Replaced By Revenge
   Pinkeye - 1 Pink 2 Blues - Pinkeye 7"ep
   Rhino Charge - Molten Monument of Man - Rhino Charge 7"ep
   All Or Nothing HC - Deliberate - What Doesn't Kill You...
   Hellshock - Welcome To the Void - Shadows of the Afterworld
   The Damned - There Ain't No Sanity Claus - Collection
   Out Cold - Help Me To Forget - Planned Accidents 7"ep
   Ultra Bide - Santa Never Dies - Hardcore Holiday compilation
   Capitalist Casualties - Fuck the Christians - Capitlist Casualties/ Man Is The Bastard split
   Army Of Jesus - Survival - Rats In the Walls 7"ep
   Bad Brains - Pay To Cum - Faster & Louder Hardcore Punk Vol. 1 compilation
   Electric Hellfire Club - Hypochristian - Electronomicon
   Hypo Christians - Slaughter Thy Christians - Hypo Christians 7"ep
   Merzbow & John Wiese - New Wave Dust 2 - Multiplication
   Vitamin X - Dead End - Rip It Out 7"ep
   Inferno - Wir Sind Schen Tot II - Cleanse the Bacteria compilation
   Ministry - Stigmata (Update mix) - Rantology
   The Dehumanizers - God Men of the Future - Kill Lou Guzzo 7"ep
   Benumb - Christmas Morning In the House of Poverty Two Weeks After Bi-Partison Procrastination On a State and Local Level  Failed To Provide Extensions On Existing Unemployment Claims, Before Leaving On Paid Holiday Vacation - Premonitions Of  War/ Benumb split
   The Dickies - Silent Night - Punk Singles Collection
   Super Zeroes - Peanut Butter & Jelly - Put Some Pussy In Your Punk Vol. 2 compilation
   Send More Paramedics - This Is the Place of Wailing and the Gnashing of Teeth - Zombie Apocalypse/ Send More  Paramedics split
   The Residents - Santa Dog '78 - Santa Dog ep
   Feederz - Aborted Jesus - Vandalism: Beautiful As a Rock In a Cop's Face
   The Vandals - Thanx For Nothing - Oi! To the World
   dead horse - Born Believing - Horsecore: An Unrelated Story That's Time Consuming
   God Stomper - French Fry - God Stomper/ Magrudergrind split 7"ep
   30footFall - Just Like Heaven - Ever Revolving, Never Evolving
   Type O Negative - Red Water (Christmas Mourning) - October Rust
   S.S.D. - Jolly Old Saint Nick - Power
   Fear - Fuck Christmas - Fuck Christmas 7"
   Jesu - We All Falter - Jesu
   Ulver - Christmas - Blood Inside
   A.N.S. - Wrong Turn - Romancing the Phone 7"ep
   The Scarlet Letter - Farcus - The Scarlet Letter 7"ep
   Crucial Youth - X-Mas For the Skins - Singles Gone Straight
   Jesuseater - Kicking Southern States - Step Inside My Death Ray
   Exploited - Fuck the Mods - Army Life 7"ep
   Reach The Sky - In My Defense - So Far From Home
   Hostile Takeover - Cookie Cutter Community - California Thrash Assault compilation
   The Holy Mountain - Worship and Murder - Entrails
   Samael - High Above - Reign of Light
   The Faith - Limitations - Subject To Change 12"ep
   Insect Warfare - At War With Grindcore - At War With Grindcore 7"ep
   Autopsia - Stille Nacht ((g)RAVE remix) - Excelsis A Dark Noel compilation
   Saviours - Satanic Scriptures - Warship ep
   Lack Of Interest - Glutton - Take Another Step
   The Boneless Ones - Skate For the Devil - Skate For the Devil
   Pig - Vitriol Voice and Virtue - Pigmata
   Rhythm Pigs - Sleigh Ride - Hardcore Holiday compilation
   xLooking Forwardx - I Ain't Mad At Cha - The Path We Tread
   Spazztic Blurr - Mexicalli - Bucks Befo Da Awbum, Cents After the Album

 notes: Christmas show.