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- <i>Don't Be Swindle</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Anti You</b> - Punks Quit - <i>Two-Bit Schemes and Cold War Dreams</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Quarterlife Crisis</b> - Give Up - <i>Washed Up</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> The Endless Blockade</b> - Model 49 Rebreather - <i>Bastard Noise/ The Endless Blockade split</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> This Is Hell</b> - The Night the Line Was Crossed - <i>Weight of the World</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Venomous Concept</b> - Life's Fine - <i>Retroactive Abortion</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Extreme Noise Terror</b> - Use Your Mind (Peel Sessions Version) - <i>Grind Madness At the BBC compilation box set</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Blood I Bleed</b> - Insensible Warfare - <i>Gods Out of Monsters</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Shitstorm</b> - Victim - <i>This Comp Kills Fascists compilation</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Wormrot</b> - Overgrown Asshole - <i>Abuse</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Torchrunner</b> - March of Giants - <i>Locust Storm 10"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Tolar</b> - Life In a Daze - <i>Demented Anthem Hardcore Assemblage compilation</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Danzig</b> - Pyre of Souls: Seasons of Pain - <i>Deth Red Saboath</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> P.E.L.M.E.</b> - Death Organ - <i>You Should Smile More Often</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Peace Or Annihilation</b> - Membakar Industri - <i>Skull Fuckin Armageddo 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Sick Of It All</b> - Lowest Common Denominator - <i>Based On a True Story</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Fix Me</b> - Cabeza de Turco - <i>Ni Una Sola Puta Lgrima</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Flux Of Pink Indians</b> - Take Heed - <i>Strive</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Low Threat Profile</b> - You Are a Parasite - <i>Low Threat Profile 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Voetsek</b> - Tampons Should Be Free - <i>The Castrator Album</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Lot 49</b> - The Lamp Post - <i>Lost Archtypes</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Front Line Assembly</b> - Angrif - <i>Shifting Through the Lens ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Parlamentarisk Sodomi</b> - Wobble, Elected - <i>De Anarkistiske An(n)aler</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Anarchus</b> - Gone With the Flames - <i>500 Years of Infamy 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Noisecore Freak</b> - Mutually Assured Destruction - <i>Welcome To the Stitchface Scar Sitter Experience</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> O.L.D.</b> - Lepers Without Feet - <i>Old Lady Drivers</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Phobia</b> - Emptyness - <i>All That Remains 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Fight Amp</b> - Half a Holiday - <i>Manners and Praise</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> The Grim</b> - Live To Die - <i>Live To Die 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Void</b> - My Rules - <i>Flex Your Head compilation</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Agent Orange</b> - El Dorado - <i>Greatest and Latest</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Oomph!</b> - Ready Or Not (I'm Coming) - <i>Truth Or Dare</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Damad</b> - Hide and Seek - <i>Burning Cold</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> The Damage Manual</b> - Damage Addict - <i>1</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Cephalic Carnage</b> - Exploiting Disfunction - <i>Exploiting Disfunction</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Godflesh</b> - Veins - <i>Godflesh</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Luddite/ Clone</b> - The Contortionist - <i>The Arsonist and the Architect ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Riistetyt</b> - Eedenista Haadetyt - <i>Kuolonhymnej</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Sinking Body</b> - Neurotic Habits of the Invisible Man side a - <i>Neurotic Habits of the Invisible Man 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Coliseum</b> - Punk/ Money - <i>House With a Curse</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Animosity</b> - Pit Fiend - <i>Pit Fiend 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> The Shitlickers</b> - The Leader of the Fucking Assholes - <i>Cracked Cop Skulls 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 16</b> - Monday Bloody Monday - <i>Bridges To Burn</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Husker Du</b> - Everything Falls Apart - <i>Everything Falls Apart and More</i><br> <b>______________________________________________________________________________________________</b><br> <P>