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- <i>Teaching You the Fear</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Melvins</b> - Inhumanity and Death - <i>The Bride Screamed Murder</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Zero Boys</b> - Johnny Better Get - <i>History of...</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Target Of Demand</b> - Plastic Bullets - <i>Man's Ruin 12"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Bury The Living</b> - Not For Sale - <i>All the News That's Fit To Scream</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Sik Mentality</b> - Take Part II - <i>Bad World 12"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> S.P.K.</b> - Maladia Europe (The European Sickness) - <i>Leichenschrei</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Hummingbird Of Death</b> - Definitely - <i>This Comp Kills Fascists 2 compilation</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Hummingbird Of Death</b> - Dead For No Reason - <i>This Comp Kills Fascists 2 compilation</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Weekend Nachos</b> - If You Come Near - <i>This Comp Kills Fascists compilation</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation</b> - Elimination - <i>Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Benumb</b> - untitled - <i>America In Decline compilation</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Brob</b> - No Care - <i>Empty Life</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Destroy</b> - Crowd Control - <i>Necropolis</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Nora</b> - The Power of - <i>The Dillinger Escape Plan/ Nora split ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Negative Hate</b> - The Girl Wins - <i>Fuck You and Your Pink Mood</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Rorschach</b> - Skin Culture - <i>Protestant</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> After The Bombs</b> - Bloody Aftermath - <i>Demented Anthem Hardcore Assemblage compilation</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Violent Arrest</b> - Invisible War - <i>Minute Manifestos</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Totalitar</b> - Allas Vr Livvakt - <i>Multinationella Mrdare 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Meinhof</b> - Asesenos - <i>Under the Burning Sky of Future Events</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Remission</b> - Fetus the Code - <i>Discography</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Hellshock</b> - Low Men In Yellow Cloaks - <i>They Wait For You Still</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Haywire</b> - Private Hell - <i>Private Hell</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Nihil</b> - Hear Me V2.1 - <i>Drown</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Awkward Thought</b> - Lights Out - <i>Ruin a Good Time</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine</b> - Electronic Plantation - <i>The Audacity of Hype</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Greymachine</b> - We Are All Fucking Liars - <i>Disconnected</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Bad Brains</b> - I Against I - <i>Banned In DC</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Suburban Showdown</b> - The Downfall of the World To Come - <i>Any Minor Inconvenienece Must Be Eliminated</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> One King Down</b> - Who I Am - <i>God Loves, Man Kills</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Spermbirds</b> - Something To Prove - <i>Something To Prove</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Hogan's Heroes</b> - Stuck In a Rut - <i>Built To Last</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Rhythm Pigs</b> - Conditional Love - <i>Rhythm Pigs</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Slapshot</b> - No Time Left (live) - <i>Live At SO36</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> The Refused</b> - The Refused Party Program - <i>The Shape of Punk To Come</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> The High Confessions</b> - Dead Tenements - <i>Turning Lead Into Gold With The High onfessions</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Broken Bones</b> - Persecution - <i>Fuck You and All You Stand For</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> D.S.-13</b> - Media Blitz - <i>Killed By the Kids</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Wormrot</b> - Uncovered and Proud As Fuck - <i>Abuse</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Sore Throat</b> - Dreamscape - <i>Never Mind the Napalm Here's Sore Throat</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Napalm Death</b> - Life? (Peel Sessions version) - <i>Grind Madness At the BBC compilation box set</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Bauhaus</b> - Stigmata Martyr - <i>In the Flat Field</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> dead horse</b> - Scottish Hell/ Subhumanity - <i>Horsecore: An Unrelated Story That's Time Consuming</i><br> <b>______________________________________________________________________________________________</b><br> <P>