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Awake!</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Black Tusk</b> - The Take Off - <i>Taste the Sin</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Christ Vs. Warhol</b> - Fools Gold - <i>Dissent</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Geriatric Unit</b> - Doorknocker - <i>Audit of Enemies</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Children Of Technology</b> - Escape From the Danger Zone - <i>It's Time To Face the Doomsday</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> S.P.K.</b> - Palms Crossed In Sorrow - <i>Zamia Lehmanni- Songs of Byzantine Flowers</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Gadget</b> - Torture - <i>Gadget/ Phobia split</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Looking For An Answer</b> - Rito De Muerte - <i>Ratos De Porao/ Looking For An Answer split 10"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Detonate</b> - Boys Don't Cry - <i>Detonate</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Rorschach Test</b> - Gridlock - <i>Peace Minus One</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Seizure</b> - Homecoming - <i>All Hail the Fucking System 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Ghidrah</b> - Hysteria - <i>Ghidrah 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Krigshot</b> - Tvingad In I Skiten - <i>rebro-Mangel</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Government Issue</b> - Asshole - <i>20 Years of Dischord compilation box set</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Bedboys</b> - Violenza No! - <i>L'Indifferenza Uccide... 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> White Lung</b> - Shoot - <i>It's the Evil</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Gay For Johnny Depp</b> - You Have a Theory, I Have Gun - <i>Sex Vid Singles Club ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> M.J. Harris and Bill Laswell</b> - Somnific Flux pt 1 (edit) - <i>Somnific Flux</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Completed Exposition</b> - Environmental Choice - <i>Completed Exposition/ Extortion split 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Rupture</b> - Tattooed Christian - <i>Cunt of God</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Blood I Bleed</b> - Never Give In - <i>Gods Out of Monsters</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Anaemia</b> - Rockstar Wannabees - <i>Stupidity of the Lambs</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Deathraid</b> - Jesus Feeds the Worms - <i>All Life Ends</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> This Is Hell</b> - No One Leaves Unscathed - <i>Weight of the World</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> New Trial</b> - Heaven Asylum - <i>Godfathers of German Gothic III compilation</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Offenders</b> - Bad Times - <i>I Hate Myself b/w Bad Times 7"</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Trapped Under Ice</b> - From Birth - <i>Secrets of the World</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Nuns Of Telekinesis</b> - Undercurrent - <i>Sin-Tech</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Cryptids</b> - 2:22 Wake Up It's Time To Die! - <i>Something Cryptid This Way Comes ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Acrostix</b> - Wax and Wane - <i>Dear Daily Life</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Dehumanizers</b> - Kill Lou Guzzo - <i>Kill Lou Guzzo 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Keep It Up</b> - Trust - <i>Proven/ Keep It Up split 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Nitzer Ebb</b> - Once You Say - <i>Industrial Complex</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Dirty B.S.</b> - 15 Years - <i>Dirty B.S. 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> L'a'rm</b> - O.S.L. - <i>2010</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Netjajev S.S.</b> - Stop Jap - <i>Destroy All Planets 8"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Side Tracked</b> - Fine Line - <i>Hummingbird Of Death/ Side Tracked split 6"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Voetsek</b> - Back To the Bay - <i>This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 compilation </i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Cancer Spreading</b> - La Vostra Condanna - <i>Cancer Spreading/ Cruel Storm split 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> P.G.R.</b> - Colorless - <i>A Hole Of Unknown Depth ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Agoraphobic Nosebleed</b> - Alcohol - <i>Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ A.N.S. split 5"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Disarm</b> - Guerra Nao - <i>Disarm/ Sound Your Alarm split</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Holy Molar</b> - You're In Love, Holy Molar - <i>Live At the San Diego Metropolitan Correctional Center 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Bio-Tek</b> - Human Weapon - <i>A God Ignored Is a Demon Born</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> NoMeansNo</b> - The River - <i>Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?</i><br> <b>______________________________________________________________________________________________</b><br> <P> <P>